Discover How This Amazing Car Fault Finder Can Saved You Money From Mechanics Trials & Errors

With this device, you can diagnose your car fault in 60secs "even if you're a newbie"

Dear friend,

* Are you tired of constantly taking your car to mechanics for every slight fault?

* Have you been spending huge sum of money each month on car maintainance? 

* Are you tired of mechanic charging exorbitant fee for doing little or nothing to your car, yet they lie about your car's fault and end up collecting so much money from you? 

If your answer to any of this question above is YES.....

.... Then you need to read the next line very carefully.

In the next few minutes, i will let you know how this amazing device can solve your problems once and for all.

But before then, let me share with you a story from one of our customer, that was sent to our email some days ago.

And it reads as follow.....

My name is Daniel Dave, I'm a Fashion Designer by profession. 

I recently bought a Belgium Car. So i can be able to meet up with the need of my customers.

Instead of the car serving me, I was constantly paying so much money to different mechanics to fix my car.

 They still couldn't  get the exact fault of the car.

Every mechanic who works on the car will give me assurance that my car is okay after repair.

Only for me to drive some kilometers and the car will start jerking.

OMG!!!  I was tired of driving the car.....

Because it was becoming a thorn in my flesh and the option left for me was to sell it.

I took it to a popular car stand in my city and I explained to the car stand owner how the car has been giving me issues and I couldn't stand it  any more.


So, I asked him to "Pay me anything"......

...... I will gladly accept. 

 That's what i told the owner of the car stand.

Because i was desperate and I just can't wait to get rid of the car...

Yes, it was that bad.. 

One of the staff listening to the conversation  shook his head and went into store and brought out a tiny device.

I asked him what was that for? and he replied "A Scanner"

He connected the device to my car and scan it.

Few minutes later, he said to me...

"Oga,  na injector problem the scanner they show me"

I didn't believe him, I took the car back to my mechanic and ask him to fix the injector, since i already know the problem as detected by the "Fault Finder Device."

The mechanic fix the injector and that was the end of the problem


I finally got the solution to my car problem after spending so much to mechanic trial & error.  

I can now drive without me being worried about my car stopping me by the road side.

This Car Fault Finder  Saved Me From Mechanic Trial & Error That Almost Cause My Car Engine To Knock Down

In most cases, Your Car Engine might not be the problem

You just need a scanner connected to your car, so you can know exactly what  the fault is.


                                                      INTRODUCING.....                                                   CAR FAULT FINDER (OBD II)


 Benefits Of This Product

Scan and read vehicle fault and pending code in your car before it happen

Clear fault signs on your dash board

Check your current sensor data 

Check your engine RMP, Coolant Position, Absolute Throtle Position, Fuel System Status, Vehicle Speed, Tyres Pressure, Intake Air Temperature And may more.

Avoid trial & error from your mechanic


        Why Do You Need This Device?


Car Diagnostic Scanner is specifically designed for car owners to scan and find the exact fault of their cars with a complete fault fix explanation displayed on any android phone or tablet

The device is easy to use, Specifically designed for non technical persons ( Cars Owners) this means it requires "zero" technical training.

Don't let your mechanic continue to use you as an "ATM" or even mess up your car


This amazing car scanning device is the answer to the prayer many Nigerians has been praying because they are tired of spening money repairing their car


 What Model Does This Scanner Work With?

This product support all model of car that is produced after 1996 


How does this device work?


1) Download & Install  the OBD II App into your Android or IOS Phone

2) Plug the OBD II Scanner & Turn On you car engine

3) Connect the Car Scanner & Your Phone via bluetooth

4) Activate the OBD II App in your phone and start using it


 We Have Just 25 Pieces Left In Stock....

Due to high demands And because Of the dificulties In importing This Product, Re-stocking Takes About 3 Months 

When you Order today, you enjoy a promo price.....


Free delivery to your door step




We do not have much stocks so we only need serious buyers

1) Please do not order if you are not ready to receive your order within the next 1 to 3 working days.

2) Do not order if you are travelling or already travelled, You can save our phone number to place your order when you are back and ready.

3) Please do not order if you are not financially ready.

4) If you are using someone phone number to order make sure you inform the person before you place an order.


You can take advantage of the ongoing promo before it ends within 48hrs.


1 Pcs Of ODB  - 18000 + Delivery Fee 1,000

2 Pcs Of ODS  - 34,000 + Delivery Fee 1,000


1 Pcs Of ODB - 250GHC + Delivery Fee 10

2 Pcs Of ODB - 450GHC + Delivery Fee 10

Note: Place Your Order Today and Get Free Delivery




      Note: Only fill the form if you will be available and have the cash ready to pick up your product within 2 to 5 working days.

      We truly believe in our product, Buying items online can be a daunting task, So we want you to know there is absolutely zero risk in buying our product.

      If you don't have any positive experience after you purchase this device. You can send us a message on +23481117337 with a description "I Want My Money Back" And don't fail to also attach your correct account details. Your money will be refunded to you within 2 hours and you don't need to return the product to us.

      Go ahead and order this Car Fault Finder now.




      Mechanics will continue messing up your car and that would cost more money on repairs. This is not happening because they don't know what they're doing but Because they have made you their "ATM".

      But the moment your mechanic knows that you can detect the fault of your car by yourself, They'll stop playing fast one on you and will be very careful not to cause any further damage to your car.

      I'm sure you don't want this to ever happen to you. Now you have the solution you need.

      Let's solve this problem for you once and for all.

      So go ahead, Place your order and get this Car Fault Finder in less than 48 hours, And watch the magic it will do for you.

      (Payment On Delivery Accepted)

      Oh, I thought you wouldn't ask, see what people are saying

      We Are So Excited!

      What a great device, i know the world is becoming better by the day with new technology. the car scanner helps me to detect the high rate of my fuel consumption. As a result of this, the fault was fixed.

      Abuja - Abdulahi

      Will Buy Again And Recommend.

      I stay in Osun, i saw the advert on facebook. i was skeptical at first but i saw the "the pay on delivery" option, i had to order for it. I recommend using this awesome device.

      Olakunle - Osun

      Wonderful innovation, God bless you for this product. i love it. it works for my car Toyota Corolla

      Accra - Blessing

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